Craze Chameleon Studio, LLC established in 1999 by founder Aisha Keys, a native Washingtonian, is one of the must see vintage ateliers' in D.C., working with the likes of the Edy Blu Band, Champion Sound and Deborah Bond to name a few.

At the age of 23, her distinct fashion style turned the heads of many people on the streets of D.C., propelling her into a career as a personal shopper and fashion stylist to aspiring models, vocalists, musicians, and locals. Because of her ability to change her look from day to day, she was nicknamed the Chameleon; thus creating Craze Chameleon Studio, LLC.

Craze Chameleon Studio, LLC has carved out its own niche among vintage retailers by providing up to the minute fashion which looks as if it is off the runway today, however they are original garments from fashions past. Since founded in 1999, CCS has been one of D.C.'s vintage clothing resources and one of the most celebrated vintage destinations in the D.C. area; supplying clothes to many wardrobe stylist, fashion photographers, models and retailers in the metropolitan area like Kaur, Nana, Meeps, Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading, Reddz Trading and Mustard Seed.



Fashion Stylist | Personal Shopper | Fashion Show Producer | Curator | Designer | Closet Transition
Creative Director (Video/Photo shoots) | Prop Styling and Staging | Window dressing | Merchandising | Image Consultant


"...through my original style and vintage apparel, I show people how to put it all together and create their own unique fashion statement." Aisha Keys.